Serving Women

Mother hugging her adult daughter and smiling

Simply put, we care most about our relationship with you.

It’s no wonder that the majority of our clients are women. We care about what matters to you, and taking the time to understand your situation and goals is foundational to our success.

You do the talking.

We listen more, and talk less. We find out what you need, not what we may think you may need. There’s a big difference.

We are privileged that, after more than 50 combined years in the investment industry, the success of our practice is most defined by the women we serve.

Then, we ask questions …

We will ask about your goals and dreams as well as your timeframes and lifestyle. We want to know what has worked for you in the past, but more importantly, what has not.

What are your fears, beliefs, and attitude toward money?  Our richest relationships come from truly knowing our clients’ desires and aspirations.

… and provide a helping hand.

As men may often define success as being in control, we have found that women often define it as being able to help others. We love this, as it most closely resembles the way our team is wired. This leads to important discussions regarding philanthropy and legacy planning as well as helping the ones you love and the causes you are passionate about.


Will you join us for a conversation?