Serving Individuals and Families

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We all have dreams of retiring on our own time frame and in the manner we desire. Our dreams may include having the time and means to explore new parts of the world. We may want to provide a first-class education for our children or grandchildren. Or we may want to leave behind a legacy that will serve as a lasting benefit to our family and community.

While dreams require imagination, proactively pursuing them requires much more. Our mission at the Graham-Bissell Group is to help clients pursue their dreams. We believe it’s our unique process that makes us different. We listen more, and talk less. We find out what you actually need, not what we may think you need.

Risk and Growth

We have learned over many years that most often those who have accumulated wealth have the primary goal of preserving that wealth, while also predictably growing it. That is why our focus is simple:

  • We employ risk mitigation strategies first, and then work to help you grow your wealth in a disciplined fashion.
  • We help you identify and pursue your lifestyle goals.
  • We want to simplify your financial life.

Is it time for a conversation? We’d love to hear your story.